Modernise your Solaris

Work with NTT ICT to navigate the tricky business of migrating applications from older, outdated Sparc platforms. Large older servers are inefficient when analysing computing power vs. energy consumption.

The move to any one of the Solaris Sparc-based cloud options we offer will provide you with a low-cost and highly available public cloud solution for hosting product workloads with hybrid interconnect functionality. What’s more, it’s designed to support test and development workloads.

We match this with a dedicated private cloud option with our own NTT data centre, as well as a private deployment option, on premises, that allows the flexibility and functionality of the cloud in your own environment.


Work with NTT ICT to modernise your infrastructure and:

  • Optimise efficiency for your Solaris Sparc workloads
  • Mitigate the risk of failing older equipment
  • Lower power costs
  • Reduce IT infrastructure support costs
  • Leverage the depth and breadth of experience of Australia’s largest and preferred Oracle cloud partner, with specific expertise in Oracle Solaris and Sparc infrastructure