Big Data

Data, data, everywhere! It’s one of a company’s best assets, but very few use it to its best advantage. Big Data is all about business analytics, streamlining operations and providing your business with a huge advantage against the competition.

Too often companies find themselves with multiple systems in disparate locations, all on different infrastructure and all requiring heavy maintenance and management from IT staff. And most of these systems house critical business information. Big Data is about business transformation. It has the ability to bring these disparate systems into line, and provide a resource to be used at your fingertips.

It moves Information Technology from a necessary evil to a resource that supports the supply chain and provides intelligent data about customers, suppliers and staff. This service will sort, organise and structure all your data to optimise your business performance.


Let NTT help you on your Big Data journey. NTT is able to offer a wide range of products and services designed to make this process as simple and cost-effective as possible:

  • Solutions designed to fit: NTT ICT understands that each company’s needs for Big Data will be vastly different. Our experience with Big Data solutions means that we can design a solution, tailored to fit your actual requirements with as much support as you need.
  • High density, connectivity and privacy: Big Data requires space, power, cooling and connectivity. NTT ICT can provide this to you with high density and highly available data centres, as well as systems to ensure data is kept within your company’s private network.
  • Comprehensive and vendor-neutral: With relationships with industry- leading vendors, we’ll design comprehensive solutions to fit your individual company needs.


Take advantage of Big Data

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