Website threats

Your IT infrastructure is essential to your business, sales and operations: make sure it’s safe. A lack of security to stop malicious breaches could be a costly mistake from which to recover. A hacked website could paralyse your system as well as be defaced.

Working with NTT ICT, you’ll ensure that your infrastructure and website are secure, with proactive monitoring of inbound and outbound network traffic so you know exactly which users are using your network and what they’re doing. You’ll also be able to monitor and confirm the secure status of your IT, 24x7.

We offer you a complete end-to-end solution targeted to your needs and requirements and deliver the right services to you at the appropriate cost.


Work with NTT ICT to:

  • Ensure your IT infrastructure and components are safe from the threat of hacking and other attacks.
  • Monitor your network and know exactly what is happening, when and where.
  • Spend according to your security requirements without going overboard
  • Access the best range of infrastructure security solutions, managed firewalls, and controls on internet access services.