Identity Management

The moment that an enterprise has a significant number of employees and more than one location, the management of who accesses your IT infrastructure and how becomes crucial. NTT ICT can help you manage access, roles, policies and requests by integrating Identity Management into your organisation. It will strengthen your security procedures and streamline IT support to customers and employees while meeting your compliance requirements

Whether simply being able to quickly react to requests or issues, respond to security issues or meet compliance, today’s IT environment demands the strict management of user identities and tight control of security policies.   

With NTT ICT’s Identity Management service, you allow users to be authenticated seamlessly and securely by your organisation’s network. You can control all access, policies and requests from users. As a fully managed service, all hardware and software will be provided and hosted in one of our NTT Data Centre locations. Deployment is fast and simple and can be easily scaled up as your business grows.


By working with NTT ICT to oversee identity management:

  • Access what you need: Not all businesses have the same level of support needs. We can manage selected components of this service, or for complete peace of mind, manage your entire identity management solution.
  • You’ve got control: NTT ICT will monitor your authentication system and in case of breaches either alert your designated security contacts so they can act immediately or perform security changes on your behalf. Any basic management tasks can be completed through our simple portal.
  • Eliminate huge set-up costs: Avoid costly capital expenditure by utilising NTT ICT’s own hardware and software.
  • Quick and simple scalability: Add users, access and policies quickly and simply, ensuring compliance is maintained at all times.

Technical specifications

Identity Management service includes:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alerts from our global Security Operations Centre
  • System availability checks
  • Platform management
  • Policy management with change control
  • Remote system management and rebuild
  • Detailed reporting via the ISIS web-based portal
  • Comprehensive remote management
  • Varying service level agreements (SLAs) for guaranteed uptimes, customised to your needs