Rapid deployment of IT infrastructure

Businesses know that IT is at the core of their activities but sometimes change happens too quickly for your IT infrastructure to keep up. NTT ICT is poised and ready to meet your demands to design, deploy, manage and connect a new IT infrastructure including nearly any web or enterprise application. You access our large team of IT expertise; world-class cloud, utility services and data centres; and high-quality ongoing support.  

NTT ICT has supported numerous valued clients by rapidly deploying the new IT infrastructure needed for their businesses, whether a company needing to launch in Asia (with concomitant IT infrastructure), another enterprise going from zero to a 200-server web portal in only nine months and needing a way to meet demand, or a group coming out of divestment that needed its own IT department and data centre immediately.


If you need to react to new business conditions quickly, work with our team at NTT ICT to:

  • Meet your deadlines to establish new IT infrastructure through a team with a proven track record in working with organisations undergoing extreme change.
  • Design the IT environment you need with NTT ICT support for infrastructure and operating systems, then mix and match from five support tiers to pay only for what you need and use.
  • Focus on your core business, without wasting precious resources, while we manage the rapid deployment of your new IT infrastructure.
  • Access service experts 24/7, 365 days of the year, to resolve incidents in the shortest possible time and ensure reliability during transition, establishment and after.
  • Feel safe and confident in expert hands: our best practice methods provide you with the lowest possible security risk; built-in compliance supports common governance and audit requirements; and our managed services are delivered within the ITIL framework, the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world.
  • Plug the IT skills gap needed for your new infrastructure that are not already available in your organisation – with our help.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT rapid deployment of services includes:

  • Managed services
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Five support tiers
  • Built-in compliance
  • Delivery within ITIL framework