Quick cloud services

If you need to adapt your IT infrastructure by getting on the Cloud, NTT ICT can allow help you to do that quickly and seamlessly. Enterprise-class Cloud services can be deployed in timeframes involving days, not months, and can be distributed around the globe, ensuring that data is stored near where your business needs to operate.

NTT ICT has the depth of coverage to ensure cloud resources are available when and where you need them with streamlined functionality for you to access the Cloud in a simple and efficient way. We don’t rely on extensive coding and development efforts for you to utilise your cloud platform.

Most importantly, NTT ICT offers you highly skilled and experienced engineering teams to assist you in rapidly scaling up your environment, with multiple tiers of support if and when you need it.


Taking advantage of NTT ICT’s enterprise cloud service offering, distributed globally, provides you with:

  • A global, seamless cloud platform deployed in 9 locations, with a single pane of glass for front-end management, delivered in the ITIL framework.
  • Dynamic scale up and scale down of cloud-based resources in different locations and regions as you need them
  • 25 per cent burst capacity included free of charge to cater for unexpected peaks
  • Hybrid, Private and Solaris-based cloud platforms to meet your specific technology and performance requirements
  • Extensive network connectivity between cloud data centres and around the globe, ensuring secure connectivity into your environment can be provisioned quickly and seamlessly.


Take advantage of our Cloud Services

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