All of NTT ICT’s solutions will provide you with ways to improve and expand your business, whether by using the latest technology, reducing IT expenditure or filling gaps in your business’s internal IT skills. If you need to adapt to rapid change by deploying rapid infrastructure, moving your data centre or getting onto the Cloud, we can help! We also offer resilient platforms and services to meet your security requirements. All of this could help enable your global expansion. Read more about the range of solutions that NTT ICT offers to enterprises and government, then let’s talk about how we can help you.

Reduce IT expenditure

Control, manage and reduce your IT expenditure though IT cost optimisation and reducing software licensing fees. 

Perform with the latest technology

Don’t be left behind. Your business needs to perform with the latest technology. Big Data? Software as a Service? A modernised Solaris platform? Get on board.

Adapt to rapid change

Major changes within your company may require major support to deploy new IT infrastructure, move data centres or access and get onto the Cloud.

Fill IT skills gaps

Outsource components of your IT environment to experts to manage your complex IT environment: save costs and improve performance.

Meet security requirements

The IT world is no longer a safe place, but we can make it safer and protect the security of your websites, user identities and staff mobile technology.

Website Transaction Performance

Optimise the performance of your crucial website and web applications and avoid your customers encountering delays or crashes.

Enable Global Expansion

Whether you’re expanding your business in the Asia-Pacific region or globally, NTT ICT has the experience, scope and resources to help you do it.

Case Studies

Find out why businesses partner with NTT ICT for their total ICT Solutions.