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Ensuring a plentiful supply of robust inter-office bandwidth has long been a struggle for network administrators. As digital transformation initiatives position cloud platforms as a critical part of the enterprise network, however, that requirement has become even sharper – and network redundancy even more critical.

Best of both worlds: how HPE Synergy makes hybrid IT easy

  • 24 November 2017
  • Julie Barbieri
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Data Centre

Migration, configuration, and even manual replication and scaling all contribute to unexpectedly high labour costs. Without analysis of all cost elements, in particular the cost of unused cloud capacity which tends to be overlooked, organisations may find themselves spending more and getting less in the long run.

There’s a few reasons you might find yourself in a position of wanting to do that, including increased reliance on Software as a Service (and therefore raised internal awareness of the impacts of latency on performance), or just a general desire to bring the corporate network construct into the 21st century. But not everyone wants to move off thei...

Even if you’re well-versed on the proposition of SD-WAN, I often think it’s not until actual early use cases for a technology emerge that it becomes clear whether or not the tech might be applicable to your own business context.