Cybersecurity in Retail

  • 4 December 2018
  • IT Security
  • Managed Services

Retailers hold significant volumes of customer data and that’s a valuable currency for organized crime groups or malicious insiders. The impact of data theft is hard to measure, but reputational damage, falling stock prices and customers taking their business elsewhere can seriously affect the bottom line. No business can protect itself 100 percent...

With cloud services exploding, however, those same businesses are finding that embracing a hybrid IT environment allows them to maintain their existing systems while tapping into revolutionary new collaboration, customisation, and delivery capabilities.

Hybrid IT is more than just a stepping stone to the cloud

With all the enthusiasm about digital transformation (DX) and cloud architectures, it’s easy to think about the cloud as the natural end-state for enterprise computing.

Simplicity is an important advantage that is often overlooked in purchasing decisions, but it shouldn’t be. While it might be hard to quantify, simplicity should carry some weight in your decision-making processes. All my customers agree on the importance of a solution which is easy to manage.