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NTT Com becomes Technology Partner of McLaren Honda F1 team

NTT Communications announced on July 8 2016 that it will partner with McLaren Honda in the fast paced, innovative world of F1 for the next three years.  As a technology partner for Enterprise Communications Platform, NTT Com will supply McLaren with fast, reliable networking to underpin the huge data transfer that happens around the world between tracks, McLaren HQ in the UK, and testing and development facilities in AsiaPac, around Europe and the US.

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McLaren Honda + NTT Communications


Ron Dennis, Chairman and CEO, McLaren Technology Group that includes the McLaren-Honda team, said:

“I am delighted to welcome NTT Com to the roster of McLaren-Honda’s high-technology and premium brands. NTT has a long association with technology that goes all the way back to the introduction of the telegraph in Japan. Given McLaren’s long association with innovation, it is only fitting that we should join forces with an established and well-respected communications technology leader like NTT - one who well understands our own drive for relentless technical development.

“In a cloud-oriented world the critical infrastructure is the network. We therefore need a resilient and high-capacity network like NTT’s that allows the team to access our systems without delays.”


A word from NTT Com CEO


Tetsuya Shoji, President and CEO, NTT Communications said,

“I am thrilled that NTT Com is now a Technology Partner for McLaren, a symbol of innovation for motorsport fans worldwide. NTT’s technology repertoire is wide and deep and McLaren’s excellence in Formula 1 is world renowned. With innovation a part of the DNA of both companies, this partnership will help McLaren transform how it manages the data generated during Formula 1 races and transcend hitherto established boundaries in motorsports racing.”


A team job

F1 provides a test of teamwork, innovation and excellence under pressure.  Being sure that NTT Com can perform in this environment, transcending the boundaries of what is possible, will benefit all customers.

Innovation created for use in F1 will flow into mainstream products and services, creating an exciting future in which our customers can transform their businesses.  R&D teams are already working in conjunction with McLaren-Honda to improve performance: watch for announcements.


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